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Le féminin Voies off/Circulations, Arles

My project "Duckface" has been selected for the slideshow "Le féminin" organized by Voies off and Circulations in Arles during the professional week, Tuesday July 4th.



Interview Mes Sortis Culture

If you want to know more about my art work and upcoming projects, read this interview (in French) with me on the blog "Mes Sorties Culture".
(Thanks to Sonia Zannad for giving me the chance to share my ideas about creativity and art!)



Exhibition in Niort, France

I'm very proud and happy to show my projects "The Girl from No. 13", "Evry Mystery Has an Answer", "Freudian Flip", "Vertigo Fall" as well as an extract from the project "Paperworks" at the Pavillon Grappelli in Niort at the Rencontres de la Jeune Photographie Internationale from March 15 to May 27, 2017.



"Kenosis" on Phases

My series "Kenosis" has been published on the website of Phases.


I originally created this work in 2012-2013 and it has been the subject of a self-published fanzine with the same name.

"The Girl From No. 13" travels…

After hitting the road with the itinerant library Zines of the Zone, "The Girl From No. 13" has been selected for the Book Call at the festival Encontros da Imagem in Braga, Portugal and for the book collection on the website Self Publish, Be Happy. More to come soon!

This self-published fanzine is a juxtaposition of my series "The Girl From No 13" and my childhood drawings from the 70s, as well as some family archives. It is a story of what happens to your dreams as you grow up…


The fanzine that has been printed in 100 copies cost 15 €+shipping. You can buy it here.